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Active & Passive Voice

Active  & Passive Voice

Whenthe form of verb shows that the person denoted by the subject does something,it is called active voice.

e.g:Rama helps Hari. Verb helps is in active form.

When theform of verb shows that something is done, it is called passive voice.

e.g.:Hari is helped by Rama. Verb is helped is in passive form.

Passivevoice is formed with the suitable tense of the verb be followed by thepast participle.

Studythe following table:

Tense                                              Activevoice                          PassiveVoice

SimplePresent                             give,gives.                            am/is/aregiven.

Present Continuous                     am/is/aregiving.                   am being/isbeing/are                

being given.

Present Perfect                            has/havegiven.                     has/havebeen given

Simple Past                                    gave.                                     was/weregiven.

Past Continuous                           was/weregiving.                   was being/were              

being given.

Past Perfect                                   hadgiven.                              Had been given.

Simple future                                 willgive.                                 willbe given.

Can/may/must                                give                                         can/may/mustbe